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You’ll stop thinking about it one day. You just will. That’s it.

— (via the-taintedtruth)

Don’t you dare let me leave.

Say to me, “Whatever confronts us, we’ll get through it together.”

Just don’t let me leave.

— (via the-taintedtruth)

taylor swift - shake it off

Maroon 5 - Unkiss Me

Hilary Duff- So Yesterday

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

One Direction- Don’t Forget Where You Belong

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

5 Seconds of Summer - Close as Strangers

"You've got your demons and darling they all look like me" - Taylor Swift, Sad Beautiful Tragic

Been done. Search “/tagged/taylor+swift


Secondhand Serende - Fall For you

Sam Smith- Stay With Me

Passenger - Let Her Go

The Veronicas - Revenge Is Sweeter

Ed Sheeran - You Break Me